• Let’s Go Camping!

    Let’s Go Camping!

    Roll out your sleeping bag or hook up your RV, we’re going camping! We share our best advice for tent and RV camping including how to get started, what to eat, and our best tips and hacks. We’ll see you in the woods! Mentioned on the show:

  • Living & Mothering Confidently

    Living & Mothering Confidently

    Today we’re exploring confidence, from memories of precocious Tupperware demonstrations to how we express our confidence today. We also chat about where we feel confident – or not – in our mothering. Plus, Erica shares a story of friendly barking and Kelsey needs a moment to brag about a new skill.

  • Plant Lady Talk

    Plant Lady Talk

    Join us for the plant talk fun, and stay for the plant therapy you need. We share our plant triumphs, our shame, and our best tips.

  • Surviving the 2024 Election

    Surviving the 2024 Election

    Let’s take a collective deep breath and have a conversation about how we’re navigating this election season.

  • Spring Reading Round Up

    Spring Reading Round Up

    Looking for a great book this spring? We have some suggestions! We’re sharing what books we’ve read lately, what’s next in our TBR queues, and the books our kids have loved recently. Plus, we talk about what else we’ve been listening to, and each recount a recent memorable reading moment. For Friends of the Show…

  • Nailed It & Lava Rocks

    Nailed It & Lava Rocks

    We have passionate feelings about keeping our nails painted, but bare nails are also welcome in this episode! We chat about how we paint our nails and why, what colors we go for and avoid, and share funny nail painting stories. Along the way we try to avoid lava rocks and being naked and scratchy.…