• Organizing Kid Stuff

    Organizing Kid Stuff

    We’re wrapping up our organizing series by talking about how we manage kid stuff. We talk about clothes, books, and toys as well as school things and extracurricular gear.

  • Organizing Stuff Cycles

    Organizing Stuff Cycles

    Let’s keep talking about organizing! This week we’re diving into four categories of stuff cycles: food, laundry, paper, and our cars (where stuff is constantly cycling through). We share what works for us and where our challenges are.

  • Organizing Wins & Fails

    Organizing Wins & Fails

    We’re kicking off a three-part organizing series so come on in! Today we’re chatting current organization wins and fails, little changes that have made a big difference, and each revealing our Monica closet.

  • Our Intentions for 2024

    Our Intentions for 2024

    Join us as we officially welcome 2024! We share what’s on the horizon for each of us in 2024, our one-word intentions for the year, and our goals across all areas of our lives. Plus we get a little woo woo and pull animal spirit cards to see which spirits are guiding us this year.

  • 10 More Annoying Things

    10 More Annoying Things

    New year, new grievances! We’re kicking off the year with a laugh by sharing another round-up of annoying things. Think of this as our annual “airing of the grievances” to clear the air before we embark on our lofty goals.

  • 2023 Wrap Up

    2023 Wrap Up

    We reflect on our intentions for the year – abundance and tend – after remembering what they actually were. We share our “bests” of 2023 and what made us laugh, cry, curse, and think.